8-bit Story (2020)

After the creation of Supernova, I thought: "Ok, I did an album, somewhat ok in about 6 months, but the last track I did under 1 week. Can I do it faster?".
After that I did create the first track "Virus" in 1 day, from scratch.
"Ok, 1 track in 1 day, damn, impressive, but can I keep the momentum going? Can I do, for example, whole album in 1 week?".
I sat down, every day tried to do a 1 track.

It was hard.

But somewhat I managed to do it.

Turned out cool, must I say.

Even tho I did almost no electronic tracks before :D

The only thing I would change is the bass. I would use 2 different synth, instead of messing with the phase and time stretching to create pseudo-stereo effect.
I did sound good, but could be better.