Supernova (2019)

Oh, yeah. This album.

I started doing it somewhere in October 2018 and finished mastering in the middle of April, 2019.
I did some tracks before, some "singles", but I never considered doing an album, especially a concept album.
I thought, it was something not achievable by mere mortal and impossible for me in the near future. But at the same time I wanted to push my boundaries even further. Set the bar higher than I could aim and face the challenge.

And I did.

And oh boy, it was hard.

Wanted to create an album, and knowing nothing more than a bunch of riffs and not even 2 songs weren’t helpful at all, so I kept looking for a way to learn something about albums and song creation.
And struck at something strange, yet obvious.
Why I should copy someone, when I can create something from nothing?
You are the artist, you set the rules!

Or so I thought…

I remember doing over thousand takes on the first solo. I felt like shit, and wanted to give up.
Trying to come up with a fresh idea every now and then, where it was hard for me to come up with anything at all.
Having no clue what mixing and mastering are (trying to mix and master on laptop speakers was also not a good idea).

Creating an album without a prior knowledge of song structure, and music knowledge is hard...

"I want something good..., but what makes something sound good?"
Catchy rhythm?
Lyrics with deep meaning?
Well, answer for me is: "Whatever YOU like!"

If it sounds good, it is good!

Feel free to express yourself, this is what creating music is about, right?
High expectations and no skills, you can imagine how stupid idea it was doing everything alone.


It was fun creating this. I like challenges and this one was one of the biggest ones I’ve had.

Track 01 - "Surfing on Stars"

I got idea for this track in an instant and got it recorded even faster.
It was first track on the album in creation order.
Intro did sound impossible for me, but I committed myself that I won’t "cheat"
and record everything properly, without copy-pasting and without those post-production mumbo-jumbos.

In the beginning it supposed to be like a short snapshot of whole album,
but then I wanted to add something more, it seemed for me a little too short.
Removing stuff and creating additional "break" ruined the feel, deleted by accident old backups,
and damage was already done.

Now, when finally recording this intro (about 2-3 solos left) I discovered how much I suck.
I needed about 500 takes to make one 4 bar stupid arpeggio right. I can't believe this.
Every time I press record, I can't play guitar anymore. I even had problems to play it on 50% time!
This is not even embarrassing; this is insanely sad. I can play it normally, but somehow the thought, that I'm recording, destroys me unconsciously.

Track 02 - "Unknown Sector"

I keep mistyping it as "Lost Sector".

This track was created as 2nd (well, only the intro).
I wanted to create something exotic, yet "sounding good" and I couldn’t add anything
for 2 months straight, so it was left alone in the corner.
After a long break I returned and added synth and changed tempo to make this track more
energetic and interesting, because it was way too, melancholic, I guess?

The – "Oh no, they know..." section.

Oh! I love arpeggios!
Sadly, they are hard to play on guitar, and at this speed it was better sounding on synth anyway, yeah.
Ending is a bit strange, fast, but I didn’t want to leave it for next months for small additional change, so I just moved on.

Track 03 - "Forest"

I think this is the only track where I used (my lack of) "musical knowledge" to create it.
Simple, different progressions played at once do sound cool and are cool to solo over.
This track actually is not “the best” I could come up with;
Strange tempo, changing feel all the time, makes uncomfortable, does it? Good!

Track 04 - "F-aeolian"

I think I make too much and too long intros, but whatever, it sounds cool :P
This one... I don't know, I can't recall nothing particular about this track, I just did it.

Track 05 - "Intermission"

A 6th Track.
My brother keeps saying that it is exactly resident evil's main theme.
Well, it does sound similar.

Track 06 - "Type IIa"

Oho! Here it comes, the real tragedy...
This has to be one of the "heaviest" songs I made.
Chromatic riffs, heavy accents, the only way from here is only way down.
(I think I'm addicted to 127BPM)

Track 07 - "Black Hole"

Oh boy...
This track was killed and resurrected about 3 times?
I had it done and decided to scrap it, sounded bad, not fitting.
Then I got idea of creating something better, but it ended up in trash-can, again.
So, I tried to keep the structure "idea->better->tragedy->ending" here, but with more "UMPF!".
I think this one turned out way better than the old ones ;)

Bonus Track - "Total Chaos"

It started as simple riff (it’s the 2nd one that hits hard),
and I just kept playing and tried to create a constant flow.
This is the most bizarre track I’ve created.
Something that pushes forward, energetic, something that leaves you wanting more.
It worked?